Jeanie is the more level headed one which seems to have all the answers. She has green hair and bluish green eyes which is different to the other girls for not having the exact same eye colour as hair colour. She is very smart, her family is linked to astronomy and sorcery by the link of her grandfather which is how they gain their powers in the first place. Her alien counter part is also Zuma.

Jeanie shows her more intelligent side all the way through the series by coming up with strategies to get through things without anything going wrong. Her glasses can analyze Zoot is being resisted.

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Age: 12

Signature Color: Green

Blood Type: B

Favorite Food: Chocolate Chip Cookies

Hair Color: Green

Eye Color: Turquoise

Features: Green tank top (with Green trim), Yellow pants, Pink glasses, Green shoes

Likes: Computer Games, Chess

Habit: Tendency to over-explain things whether or not the other person is listening. Speaks incredibly fast at times.

Catchphrases: "Power of Hope!"

Counterpart: Hope Zoot (also known as Zuma)

Original Voice: 박영남 (한국어) December 4, 2006

Japanese Voice: 川名真知子 (日本語) April 10, 2007

English Voice: Ashley Botting (English) September 10, 2008

French Voice: Sauvane Delanoë (Français) October 20, 2008

Spanish Voice: Joel Mulachs (Español) November 10, 2008

Latin Spanish Voice: Vanesa Silva (Español Latino) November 20, 2008

Italian Voice: Francesca Manicone (Italiano) December 20, 2008