Chaney seems to be more of the fiery one, proven so by her red hair which has also proved to have blond streaks in. Her skin being darker than the others makes the red hair look natural though. Her eyes are also red making her look rather demonic when angry. Her alien counter part is name Zora, his hair being shaped like fire such as his masters hair. Its strength is Courage.

Chaney shows her more competitive side when annitiating a volleyball challenge with the DDG3 on the first day even after hearing the rumours about them. She also shows her short temper when the girls which are all seduced by the guys which they haven't even met get on her nerves with all their screaming about their cuteness and such, she snaps at them causing them to be very much afraid of the red headed girl which is quickly calmed down by her friend. Chaney may not be the brightest in the bunch and is proved to be very head strong about things that she believes strongly in.

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Age: 12

Signature Color: Red

Blood Type: O

Favorite Food: Pepperoni Pizza

Hair Color: Red (with Blonde streaks)

Eye Color: Red

Features: White t-shirt (with Red short sleeves), Red mini skirt, White sun visor hat (with Yellow trim)

Likes: Taekwondo, Skateboarding

Habit: Stutters and babbles when nervous

Catchphrases: "Power of Courage!"

Counterpart: Courage Zoot (also known as Zora)

Original Voice: 정미숙 (한국어) December 4, 2006

Japanese Voice: 加藤英美里 (日本語) April 10, 2007

English Voice: Alyson Court (English) September 10, 2008

French Voice: Lucile Boulanger (Français) October 20, 2008

Spanish Voice: Marta Ullod (Español) November 10, 2008

Latin Spanish Voice: Sofía Malacco (Español Latino) November 20, 2008

Italian Voice: Perla Liberatori (Italiano) December 20, 2008